Finding Peace In Uncertain Times

Day 1 of 7 • This day’s reading


These are uncertain days. (How’s that for an understatement?) 

I originally created this plan during the initial weeks of the Coronavirus. Everywhere you turned, people were talking about it. Some were mildly concerned. Others were in a full-blown panic.

Uncertainty almost always raises stress and anxiety. 

This also isn't a plan only about a worldwide pandemic. It's about all of the everyday uncertainty we face. 

  • Relationship struggles. 
  • Work struggles. 
  • Natural disasters. 
  • Financial hardship. 
  • Political unrest. 
  • Health challenges.

We know we "want" peace. People at church tell us we "should" have peace. But how? 

In this plan, my desire is to turn our focus to God and His Word. This passage from Philippians contains seven reminders. This plan is unique because we will return to the same passage every day but focus on a different reminder. 

These are reminders we can focus on, discuss, and pray through as we trust a faithful God in any uncertain time. 

Reminder 1: Focus on the eternal

In times of uncertainty, most people focus on the same things - earthly things. Temporal things. Things that surround us. Immediate things.

Are you and I focused on earthly things or eternal things? 

Pausing to meditate on the eternal will help us navigate the temporal. After all, we have an eternal home. We have an eternal Savior. We will have an eternal – ever-healthy – body. 

Reminding ourselves of these truths will help us navigate the uncertainty of today.

Today's Prayer

Everlasting God. Help me to focus today on what is eternal. You are faithful. You are eternal. You have always been. You are here now in the midst of the uncertainty. And you will be here when everything is made clear. I give you my current uncertainty and lean fully on your never-changing, eternal nature and the eternal home I will one day share with you in heaven. Amen.