The Truth About Your Money: Video Devotions

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Good Money, Bad Money

Money gets in the way for so many Christians. Either we get caught up in the striving for more wealth, or we feel guilty or embarrassed that we have something that others don’t. Maybe the answer to this conundrum lies not in how much money we have, but in what we’re doing with the wealth that God has entrusted to us… 


  • Wealth can be an uncomfortable subject. But take a moment to have a good, long look at your feelings about wealth. Do you get caught up in worldly possessions and striving for more? How much of your time do you spend thinking about your wealth and how you can grow it?
  • Do you ever fall on the opposite side of that ledger? Do you look around and see others struggling… and feel guilty that you have things that they don’t?  
  • Is your money (whether you have a lot or a little) your master, making your decisions for you? Or is it your faithful servant, going where you tell it to go?
  • Ask God to reveal the inner motives of your heart to you, so that you can better understand your relationship with money.