Fear is a Bully


Light Overcomes Darkness 

Did you know a single candle in complete darkness can be seen for over 30 miles? 

Once, in the depths of a cave tour, our guide instructed us to put away our phones, turn off our smart watches, and prepare ourselves for utter darkness. He advised that, should we stay in absolute darkness for millennia, our eyes would never be able see into the darkness. But if even one particle of light made its way to us, the blackness would be shattered in an instant.

Have you ever felt as though you were in a deep cave, surrounded by darkness?

In parts of my past I was held hostage by fear, anxiety, and depression. I believed I had no hope, blinded by darkness. God knew exactly where I was and reminded me I wasn’t lost.    

Remembering His benefits and blessings brings healing, pulls us from the pit of despair, and strengthens us. Light dawns, and we begin the journey out of the cave. God is so faithful; He often begins the healing process even before we know we need healing. And, the best part is, we don’t have to do it alone.

Jesus Himself stepped out of a cave others intended to be his grave. He is the victor. Because of that, you and I are, too. He sees the pain and heartache and sheds light over your darkest situations and brings new life. He hovers over you, waiting to bring life into the void.  

Listen for His voice! It may be found in a gentle whisper. That whisper is as fine and fragile as dust—a thin, imperceptible breath, breaking into the silence of the cave. It is a light shattering the darkness of despair.  

In His presence fear is mastered. Because you have faced the darkness and won, the miracle of light shines much brighter within you, becoming a beacon for others to begin their journey from the darkness of the cave. Light overcomes darkness!

We hope you're encouraged by this devotional. For further encouragement, you can read more about Jamie's journey over fear here.