Fear is a Bully

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Fear Is the Enemy’s Playground

When I was a child, my school had a bully who terrorized the students with fear. I bet your school had one, too. We called our bully ‘The Strangler” because he liked to choke people. Once, during recess he attacked one of my friends. So, I pushed him away, placed my arm on his throat, and faced him. 

“Leave my friends alone, or I‘ll give you a bloody nose!”

He was shocked! But he never bothered my friends or me again.  

You know, fear is like that bully on the playground. He will strangle you for the sheer joy of it. He wants to control and paralyze you. But fear is worse than the school bully because fear plans to steal your life, hope, and victories. The last thing he wants us to do is stand up to him.

So, we make decisions based on fear, unwilling and afraid to stand up to the terrorist. But, God’s love has so much more for us! In His power, we can stare fear in the face and be victorious. 

God has opened the door to freedom for each one of us. We may be afraid of what lies ahead, but fear wants to keep us hostage.  Sometimes the greatest battle is in the doorway, because the greatest victories and more freedom are just on the other side.  All we need is a little bit of faith.  

Faith becomes a weapon. It’s not an abstract thought—it is a condition of the heart, a trust and absolute conviction that God will do what He said He would. Our Daddy God is with us. His weapons are so powerful they annihilate the enemy and render him impotent. Faith is forged in the hottest fire of His love. His Word is sharper than any double-edged sword.

So rather than being terrorized and destroyed, we have become refined in the purest fire of His love. Although the battle seems intense at times and we may feel alone or defeated, remember, we are MORE than conquerors in Christ, and fear is a defeated foe!