Fear is a Bully

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You Can Fly

During my sophomore year of college, I thought I was in love. However, when my roommate told me she was going out with that same boy, I nodded my head, lifted my chin, and told her to have a good time. She was in shock.  

“It’s like your heart is frozen,” my roommate said.

This was nothing new for me to hear. I’d been called an ‘ice princess’ before.  

Logic covered my heart in a heavy cloak. “He’s my friend. I respect his choice. Crying will not change anything.” Outside, I was ice. Inside, my heart split in two.  

It was that year I realized fear still had a hold on me. It was a fear of being vulnerable, of being hurt, and of giving up control and power over my own heart. Fear trapped me like a little bird in a cage, cutting my wings, trying to separate me from God and others. I felt as though a shadow hovered over me. I continued to push others away even while I was afraid of being alone. The more time I spent in the cage, the more I forgot I was free.

Have you ever been trapped by fear?

God has another plan—to love Him with all we are and to love one another.  Jesus came to set us free! The door is open. Freedom awaits!  However, many of us don’t know how to walk through the open door into freedom.  We become so accustomed to living in a cage, that flying is no longer even a dream. 

Our love for the Father and His son flourishes as we spend time with Him. This one-on-one relationship cultivates within us opportunities for our faith and love for the Father to increase. Faith lassos our hopes and brings them into reality. It brings the things we cannot see into focus. In His love, your deferred hopes become promises fulfilled. He restores your strength when you are too weak to fly and renews your wings when you rest in Him and wait in His presence.

He is a loving Father who wants to hold you when you are tired or feeling vulnerable. Resting in Him, we can depend upon His strength. His wings lift us up to carry us through and see us to the other side.