Suffering and God’s Love: A Moving Works Study

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God’s Goodness

Have you ever felt like God was withholding something good from you? Have you questioned why he would place a godly desire in you only to keep it from you? Today, you saw the doubts that accompanied Annie’s season of waiting. She felt like God was being mean by giving her a desire to be a mom then withholding children. She asked, “Is God good even when he’s not doing things that I would define as good?”

Perhaps, like Walt and Annie, you long for children but cannot conceive. Or you desire a spouse but continue in singleness. Or you have a heart for ministry but every door slams shut. These trials can crush our spirits. They chip away at our strongest convictions, tempting us to doubt the goodness of God’s character. We find ourselves wondering how we can trust a God who doesn’t seem to act benevolently for us.

Trusting God’s Goodness Through Jesus Christ

The life and death of Jesus is the definitive declaration of God’s goodness. Today you’ll consider Mark 4:35-41. In the midst of a storm, the disciples cry out and accuse Jesus of not caring. They look at their current circumstances: “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?” In their fear and frustration, they miss the most obvious demonstration of his care—he’s in the boat with them. Here is God in the flesh, preparing to meet their greatest need because he cares so deeply for them.

The incarnation screams of God’s eternal care for you. The gospel proclaims that God came and met you in your greatest hour of need. He didn’t just save you from the storm; he entered into the storm and stood in the boat with you. He left the glories of heaven, took on the weaknesses of humanity, and came to earth to suffer alongside you and die in your place to secure your salvation.

More than you need a spouse or a child or a ministry, you need the satisfaction that comes from trusting in Jesus and his care. Whatever storm you’re in that’s testing your confidence in God’s goodness, remember your greatest need has already been met in the presence of Christ. And, if God wouldn’t withhold his very own Son, how much more can you trust him to lavishly meet all of your lesser needs according to his good will and in his perfect timing?

Commit to Memory - Romans 8:32