Suffering and God’s Love: A Moving Works Study

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God’s Word

In the film, Walt described an encounter he had with God where he received the name of his future daughter—Chloe. Annie’s initial reaction was that she didn’t have a lot of experience of God speaking to her like that. Your response may be similar. Perhaps, you’ve never had an encounter where you sensed God speak that clearly or you wonder if you’ve ever heard God. This raises a question: Does God speak today? If so, how can we hear him?

The Bible’s striking claim is that God speaks! He has revealed himself and his redemptive work through various ways that we might come into saving relationship with him. God has spoken to all people about his existence and divine nature through creation and their conscience. He has also spoken to many through supernatural means—physical appearances, visions, dreams, angels, the prophets, his written Word, and Jesus. Additionally, God may speak intimately to you through a myriad of ways like prayer, inner impressions from the Holy Spirit, other believers, circumstances, worship, etc.

Hearing God’s Word Through Jesus Christ

The supreme form of divine revelation is displayed through the coming of Christ. Jesus, the Word of God, literally put on flesh and chose to dwell among mankind in order to reveal the nature of the Father. In everything Jesus did and said he perfectly reflected the heart of God. Thus, the author of Hebrews can rightly say that in these last days God has spoken to us by his Son.

This is profound. The God of the entire universe speaks to you and he does so primarily through his Son Jesus. On any given day you can read about Jesus in the Word and hear God speak! The Holy Spirit illuminates God’s Word and speaks powerfully to the humble heart who regularly seeks to see Christ in Scripture. This isn’t a “lesser” word; it’s the greatest display of his Word today.

Praise God for how he moved in Walt’s life and spoke to him at a young age. We should be available to hear from God through all the various, biblical means that he chooses to use. But, if you haven’t had an experience like Walt’s don’t assume you haven’t heard God. As you read this series, meditate on the richness of Jesus as revealed in the Bible knowing that God is always eager to speak to you through the Son!

Commit to Memory - John 17:8

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