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Rescue: Finding God In Life's Challenges

Rescue: Finding God In Life's Challenges

10 Days

We all face crises in life – and they can shake us to our very core. The new Alcon Entertainment/Warner Bros. film THE 33 tells the true-life story of the Chilean miners whose crisis was being trapped underground for 69 days after a catastrophic cave-in. While the story ended joyously – all 33 were rescued – the film depicts the emotional and physical turmoil of their time in crisis. Are you in turmoil today? This devotional is designed to help you navigate some of the thoughts and feelings you may encounter as you walk out your trial. The messages over these 10 days are not intended to be a “cure” for the circumstances you find yourself in, only daily encouragement as you lean into God to navigate your way back to daylight.

We would like to thank Jonathan Bock, Gary Schneeberger, and Emily Wilson from Grace Hill Media for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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