Resting In Grace

Resting In Grace

DAY 3 OF 20

Two little girls sip pretend tea from china teacups purchased at a garage sale.

Girl One adjusts her flamboyant hat and says in her best British accent, “The King has decided to adopt me. He signed the royal papers and will send the royal coach to fetch me tomorrow morning.”

Girl Two claps her hands. “That’s wonderful! Will he also feed you?”

The teacup clatters on its saucer as Girl One raises her eyebrow. “Of course, my dear. He’s adopting me as a princess, to carry on his royal name. Why wouldn’t he also feed me?”

This story about two girls at a tea party highlights a silly conversation. And yet, don’t we sometimes fret and worry like Girl Two?

We say we’ll go to heaven because of what Jesus has done for us. We truly believe Jesus’ death on the cross was payment for our sin, and His resurrection from the dead is victory over death. 

But then …we worry. Will He really take care of our children? Will He really show us which decision to make when we aren’t sure?

Jesus described God’s graciousness in Matthew 7:11. He said that if an earthly parent can give good gifts to their children, how much more will our heavenly Father give good gifts to us?

God has already given His precious and perfect Son on our behalf so that we can spend eternity with Him. Why wouldn’t He also take care of our temporal needs?

God is good and you can trust Him.

What resonated with you most in today’s reading? What is God saying to you through it?

~ Jana Kelley

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Resting In Grace

Christ's grace has the power to change everything. We don't have to strive, to compete or compare, or question whether or not we measure up. We're enough because Christ in us in enough. The cross of Christ sets us free.

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