Resting In Grace

Resting In Grace

DAY 7 OF 20

My soul felt broken. Miscarriages and infertility had left me depressed, depleted, and depending on wine and caffeine to feel a hint of being alive. I couldn’t fix myself, and no one could heal my hurts. I needed an intervention for my spirit; I needed Jesus to be real in my pain, not just a Sunday morning routine.

So I surrendered and invited God into my hurt. I cried and shared my pain with Jesus. I prayed He’d take over, be near, and do His will in my life. Slowly He changed my heart and proved over time to be trustworthy and working for my best interest. 

The same is true today. As I spend time with Jesus in prayer or reading my Bible, He restores pieces of my soul, heals wounds, or reminds me I am loved. He continues to bring me out of anxiety and depression into a life of trust and peace as I surrender all my happy moments and sorrows to Him.

Although I now feel strong and new in Christ, that’s not the end of my story. God continues writing the next chapter as He uses my past hurts to connect me with others who are stuck and broken. My healing wasn’t just for my good, but for God’s glory. As we share our stories, we’re walking, talking proof that Jesus is real and powerful enough to restore the seemingly unfixable when we follow Him. 

In what ways has Christ’s grace brought you healing? Do you need healing for something now? How might turning to God in the middle of your pain help you experience the healing power of grace?

~ Andrea Chatelain


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Resting In Grace

Christ's grace has the power to change everything. We don't have to strive, to compete or compare, or question whether or not we measure up. We're enough because Christ in us in enough. The cross of Christ sets us free.

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