5 Traits to Build Godly Character: 5-day Devo

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God Seeks People of Humility

The mirror never lies, and what you feel when you look into it will tell you a lot about the person staring back at you. If a person of good character is in the mirror, then you will be humble about it. Nothing will take you lower than pride, and nothing will lift you higher than humility

The most famous woman in the Bible displays humility in sparkling technicolor. Practically the whole world knows Mary by her first name. Scripture itself says that she is the most blessed and the most highly favored by God of all the women in the Bible and really, in history. Even today, she is an almost universally admired woman by billions of people around the world. 

The first time we meet Mary, an angel of God is speaking to her, a young girl living in a poverty-stricken region engaged to a lowly carpenter. If you had walked by this girl, you would not have even given her a second look. 

Here was a nobody girl, living in a nothing town, in the middle of nowhere. But she comes face to face with an angel. 

Why did God’s Son come into this world through a pregnant, unwed teenage girl in a culture that honored virginity and shamed pregnancy outside of marriage? Why would Jesus be born not in the comfortable surroundings of a royal palace, but in a feeding trough in a stable? 

Because God values humility. God disdains the proud, but he delights in the humble. Isaiah 66:2 says, “These are the ones I look on with favor; those who are humble and contrite in spirit.” 

Mary would have never chosen herself to mother God’s Son, and she can’t believe that God has. Here, we see a portrait of her humility. Humility is not just not thinking higher of yourself than you should; it is not thinking of yourself at all. 

Mary did become the mother of the Messiah. But being the mother of the greatest man who ever lived did not go to her head; it went to her heart.

People who get God’s attention are not the haughty; they are the humble. They are not the people who see how high they can stand, but how low they can stoop. It is not the people who push to the front of the line, but those who willingly go to the back. God seeks people of humility.