5 Traits to Build Godly Character: 5-day Devo

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Live a Life of Integrity 

One of the greatest pictures of integrity in history is found in the Old Testament account of Daniel. Anyone familiar with the Bible knows about Daniel and the lions’ den. But what is important about this story is not Daniel being thrown into the lions’ den, it is what happened before Daniel was thrown into the den and why he was thrown in. 

Daniel had options. He could have played it safe and just quit praying for thirty days. He could have closed his windows and prayed in secret. He could have decided to take a month-long sabbatical and gone somewhere else. He could have lain in bed at night and prayed silently. But integrity never goes on vacation. Integrity never takes a break. Integrity never calls a time-out. Integrity never takes a pass

You may not realize it, but your integrity is most likely tested in some way every day—from filling out an expense report to filling out your income taxes, from kicking your golf ball back onto the fairway to cheating on your spouse. Whether you realize it or not, rare will be the day that someway, somehow your integrity is not tested. 

So first we need to decide to be all-in on integrity every day in every way. It is amazing how making just one major decision—that you will always do what is right, speak what is right, and stand up for what is right—will take care of all the other decisions. 

Nobody can ever take your integrity away. They may steal your money, your job, your fame, your reputation, and even your life, but they cannot take your integrity. Only you can throw that away, so when it comes to your integrity, never give in, never give out, and, never give up. 

Second, we need to determine that our integrity is not for sale. It may cost you your job; it may cost you your inheritance; it may cost you your freedom; it may cost you a friendship. But even if the price is your life, never take the sign off your integrity that says “Not for sale.” 

Third, we must dedicate ourselves to maintaining our integrity regardless of the cost. If you do a cost-benefit analysis on integrity, the benefits far outweigh the costs. Integrity means being able to live with the most important person in your life with perfect peace and contentment—yourself.