5 Traits to Build Godly Character: 5-day Devo

Day 2 of 5 • This day’s reading



Let’s Get Honest

Samuel is one of the unsung heroes of Scripture who deserves a higher profile than he often gets.

Samuel earned a reputation for speaking the truth no matter what. He would always relay exactly what God told him. Even as a thirteen-year-old, he is officially recognized as a prophet by the nation and would be forever known as a truth-teller.

Samuel loves his people enough to tell them the truth. Nothing is better, greater, and higher than ending whatever calling God has given you and realizing that your lasting reputation is that you spoke the truth with your talk and you showed truth with your walk.

Samuel forced the nation to admit that he tells nothing but the truth—that they can believe everything he says. So he is not going to stop now because the nation needs to hear a word of truth that they will not like but that they need to hear. 

Do you love the people around you enough to tell them the truth? The truth of the gospel is the most important truth you can share with anyone. Jesus came to earth to tell us the truth—that we are sinners in need of a Savior—and he died for us and rose from the dead so we would tell the truth about him. Take a moment right now to jot down the name of one person in your circle of influence who needs to hear the truth about Jesus. Make a commitment today to share the truth of the gospel with that person this year.

Let’s get honest about being dishonest. Sometimes lying is easier. If you are determined to rededicate yourself to speaking nothing but the truth, you have to be honest in all of your life. This will take several steps. First, be honest with yourself. Be honest with others. Be honest regardless of the actions of others or the circumstances around you. The greatest reason and motivation to be honest is that you must be honest with God.

Beginning today, do yourself a favor—tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. That is guaranteed to gain God’s approval and will give you a clear conscience to keep your past from coming back to bite you.