Redeeming Pleasure

"Can Christians Drink?"

You may have determined that the Christian goal is to live as a monastic teetotaler. Many Christians live as if the Golden Rule says you avoid alcohol touching your lips. But abstaining from something just for the sake of abstaining is legalism.

Is it wrong to drink alcohol? Specifically, is it wrong to drink to excess to get drunk?
What is right is whatever the Designer determined to maximize the pleasure from it. By looking at some of the mentions in the Bible about alcohol we can judge the merits of the instruction. What we see here may surprise you.

The biblical authors teach us to avoid getting drunk, but not to avoid drinking. That’s the biblical argument in a nutshell. That’s how we experience pleasure with one of the most common substances throughout history. I’ve met plenty of people who had no idea the Bible even mentioned alcohol in the first place, let alone qualified it. When used in moderation, alcohol is a pleasure that Christians can enjoy.