Redeeming Pleasure

"The Pursuit"

Most non-Christians view Christianity as a religion consisting of a bunch of enjoyable actions to avoid doing. The opposite is actually true. God created boundaries around pleasure not to keep us from enjoying life but to show us how to get the fullest experience. God alone knows how to get the most from pleasure, and it involves certain guidelines to achieve this. As a result, it is important we understand why the pursuit of pleasure is a topic of concern for us all.

By pursuing pleasure on our terms, we actually experience less of it. But the reverse is also true. By pursuing pleasure on God’s terms we experience more of it.

A person might want to move toward Christianity but not want to surrender control of how he enjoys what he enjoys. He thinks if he agrees to a biblical lifestyle, then he will miss the fullness of his experiences. In reality, the only way he can enjoy a pleasurable life is through realizing that God created everything and trusting that He knows how to enjoy His creation better than we do. How a person experiences pleasure turns out to be a fundamental part of one’s journey with God, or without Him.