Redeeming Pleasure

"Living God's Way"

When you decide to pursue pleasure God’s way, you immediately begin to notice the change. It doesn’t mean your kids will start behaving, your job will stop frustrating you, you’ll be immune from tragedy, or all your problems will vanish into thin air. But it means you’ll live with something new available to you.

Many people think of grace as the get-out-of-jail-free card. And it is. That happens when we live by what Jesus Christ did on our behalf by dying on a cross in our place for our mistakes.

But Titus shows us it’s so much more.

Grace teaches us how to live and how to make decisions that will lead us to a life of pleasure. This happens when we turn over the control of calling the shots. It happens when we reverse what Adam and Eve did in the garden. We let God know He gets to decide good and evil in our life.

The apostle Peter described this process by explaining we make an exchange in our nature. When we follow Jesus, He gives us His Spirit, which allows us to join in the divine nature. Talk about life-changing! We no longer have to struggle to avoid the troubles pleasure brings on our own. We have a guide sent from the Designer Himself.