New Year, New Hope



Compassion will cure more sins than condemnation. — Henry Ward Beecher

Jesus rose from the dead and freed us from the bondage of our sins. And in doing so, He opened the door for anyone wanting to find a relationship with his Father in heaven. Jesus’ message has never changed. And to anyone who has never felt the warmth of compassion, His voice is calling out, wherever you might be.

Jesus’ great desire is that you would come to Him with all your faults, all your cares, and all your struggles. He doesn’t seek to harshly judge you but to gracefully and compassionately help you. He wishes to take hold of your pain and shower you with unfathomable love and grace.

He speaks with a voice of compassion and understanding. He will lift you from the lowest of lows and bring light to your darkened soul. He died for all your mistakes, and He brings healing to all of your wounds.

The word “compassion” comes from a Latin word that means “co-suffering.” It isn’t merely “feeling sorry for someone” or “putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.” No, having compassion means coming alongside someone and taking on his or her suffering with the hope of alleviating it. Jesus offers us true compassion—one of the highest expressions of love and care.

Open your heart to Him. Trust Him with your pain and sorrow. To the hurting and lonely He brings comfort. Jesus personally took upon Himself the grief of all people. He took our sicknesses and burdens, and He carried our sorrows upon His back. He proved Himself a true brother of love and character. 

I think this can never be said too often: Jesus’ love, compassion, mercy, and grace are fully and totally available to you. Yes, you. No special requirements. No restrictions. Not a limited-time offer. He gives these things freely to you. He only wants you to love Him back and share His love and compassion with others.


Ask God to help you see this week (1) His compassion for you and (2) someone in need to whom you can show Christlike compassion.