New Year, New Hope



To secure one’s freedom, the Christian must experience God’s light, which is God’s truth. — Watchman Nee

Our world has this crazy notion that once we seek God, everything will be hassle-free. Now don’t get me wrong, having Jesus in our lives makes a world of a difference. But don’t be surprised if you hit obstacles the second you start to truly seek after God’s heart. 

There are two things I know about Satan:

  1. He doesn't want me to be in a relationship with God.
  2. He will do everything he can to distract me from the truth.

Looking back at my past, I realize how many times I let Satan get in the way of my relationship with God. The sad part is, I always allowed it to happen when things were beginning to look bright. (This is one reason why understanding our last word, “identity,” is so important!)

Satan will do everything he can to distract us from the truth because the truth of God is Satan’s weakness. The truth of God is found in His Word (the Bible). And if we aren’t willing to build upon that truth, then we aren’t willing to accept the love and hope He has to offer. Our lives should be so saturated with the love of God that we constantly yearn to read more, pray more, and praise more.

The truth of God is that all things must pass [away] except the things that are of Him. In other words, God is the truth, and anything that is not of God will not be left standing in the end. Truth is not defined by our own subjective standards; it is determined objectively by the source of truth Himself.

Ultimately, Jesus is not a concept or an idea; He is an eternal and unchanging truth. We might be free to reject a number of traditions, customs, and beliefs. However, we cannot make facts go away by ignoring their irrefutable truth. Whether we choose to believe, the fact remains that Jesus is Lord over all—believers and unbelievers alike.

Satan will try to distract you the second God’s truth starts to attract you. Stand strong. Be courageous. Have faith. He is our foundation. He is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6).


Journal about what God’s truth means to you. Then, share with one person this week how God’s truth has changed your life.