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Identity In Christ

DAY 1 OF 7

Child of God

I think sometimes when we read we’ve been “adopted” by God we don’t really let the depth of that sink in. In fact, I heard something quite awesome the other day that made this passage stand out.

There are a few states in the United States that have adoption laws and protections specifically for kids who’ve been adopted and their adoptive parent dies. When a parent writes a will, they can later on write their biological child out of the will, but if it’s an adopted child they cannot. The state actually gives more protection and security to the adopted child. 

I thought this was a beautiful picture of us with God. Paul is trying to give a big picture look at our walk with Jesus in this passage, and one thing he centers in on is in verse 5 where it says we have been set to be adopted before we even knew it. How beautiful is that? What would today look like if you believed that?

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