What is a Faith Driven Investor?

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Capital = Influence

Investment capital affords the stakeholder with the opportunity to steward influence. 

Whether some of us realize it or not, shareholders in both public and private companies have the opportunity to call investor relations with concerns, or advocate for things like the launch of faith-based employee resource groups (as now exist at Google, Apple, Facebook, SalesForce, Uber and other companies), or even advocate for chaplaincy in some form. In privately held companies or direct investments, this influence might also look like an Angel investor coming alongside an entrepreneur to encourage them in their discipleship or how they create their culture. 

God has put resources in our hands, and one day he will return and hold us accountable for our faithfulness in stewarding what he has entrusted to us. Faith Driven Investors work urgently with that day in mind.

Just like the servants from the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25, God has placed gifts, resources, and talents in our open hands. These things we have are gifts from above and are to be used for God’s glory. Knowing this creates a sense of urgency around the influence we have been given.

Because we know that the things of this earth are temporary—that life is more than what we presently see—we can seek God's wisdom on what to do with the influence He has given us in the here and now to best serve what’s to come.

The Faith-Driven Investor always leans in, always looks forward, always approaches God with an eagerness to receive first from Him before spreading and multiplying His resources in return.

Further Thought

  • How have you seen the influence of capital play out in your life?

  • Is there someone you look up to who uses capital for a positive influence? What makes them do that?

  • Pray and ask that God would reveal to you the way that you can use the things He has given you for His glory.