What is a Faith Driven Investor?

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Stewardship vs. Ownership

Adam didn’t create the Garden—he cultivated it. So, what has God put under your care? 

Faith Driven Investors believe that God owns it all—our finances, our influence, our everything. We will be held accountable for our faithfulness in stewarding His resources. Time, talent, treasure, truth, and relationships are gifts to be stewarded for the ultimate glory of the One who gave them. These resources are our one “minas,” as the Gospel of Luke describes—the one life we have been given. How we live it is up to us. 

We are cooks in God’s kitchen. This life is full of ingredients He has given us to make something wonderful. This results in eagerness and excitement to work hard, invest well, and serve effectively as the vehicle through which God’s grace and love more. 

Every penny is an opportunity for God to work redemptively in the lives affected by every investment. 

If your bank accounts have grown year after year thanks to your ability to invest well, it’s hard to surrender ownership of that to anyone. It’s never easy to look at our investments, businesses, and ideas, and say that they’re not ours—that they’re God’s. But if God is who He says He is, then everything already belongs to Him anyway.

This means that as we steward what we have been given, we are free to experience the fullness of God’s joy. Why? Because we can surrender ownership and the pressures that come with it, over to God! We can view God as the Chief Investment Officer. As His portfolio managers, our only job is to do everything we can to allocate His resources. 

There’s a freedom in surrendering control to God. There’s a beauty in being a steward. There’s grace when our investing comes with an eternal focus that always works with God's return in mind.

Further Thought

  • What do you see as the difference between stewardship and ownership?

  • How would your life change if you looked at your business and your investments as something that God owns and you steward? Would your attitude toward these things change at all?