What is a Faith Driven Investor?

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God’s Word and Prayer as a Handbook for Investing

God speaks to us through His word. That’s what this verse says. Simple as that. But the application of this verse can be varied. Sure, our faith affects the way we parent, the way we treat others, and the way we give. But can the Bible actually give us insights on how and why we invest? Yes.

Scripture is useful for instruction on how to formulate and execute an investment strategy. This includes our motive for investing well, the importance of saving, and how we might invest. Scripture, when taken in aggregate, provides us with a great handbook on every question of investing—why, how, where, what, and when.

Of course, Scripture is much more than simply a guidebook for investing—it is, after all, the written Word of God that contains everything we need to know and love Him. But within the pages of this book is a description of a way of life, a calling that is to something greater than earthly returns.

With that in mind, we can turn the pages searching for God to reveal Himself in ways we may not anticipate. And as we do, we will see countless passages that cover the topic of money—whether that be in terms of spending, saving, or investing. And these sections can provide the keys to investing from a faith-driven perspective. 

As in all things, God cares about who we are and what we do. Our investment strategy is no exception.

In addition to communicating with God through His Word, we also should acknowledge the power of prayer. As followers of Christ, we have the ability to speak directly to our Creator and Savior about anything and everything. When it comes to our work, our families, and our lives, we should be constantly seeking to consult God—to speak to Him about what we are doing and thinking and to ask for His input on all of it.

Bible reading and prayer are two of the key spiritual disciplines, and for the Faith Driven Investor, they are an absolute necessity.

Further Thought

  • How has God’s Word shaped the way you live in your marriage, as a parent or in the office? Have you considered if it should have any influence over the way you invest?

  • Why are we hesitant to associate God’s Word and investing? Why does our investment strategy tend to be the one area of our lives we keep roped off?