UNAFRAID: Freedom From Fear Forever

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Day 4

The last two ways fear attempts to torment us:

  1. It DEPRESSES us.

    All negative emotions come from a sense of powerlessness. And FEAR is the granddaddy of all negative emotions. When we think there is nothing we can do about our current situation or our future, we get depressed.

  2. It CONFINES us to our present condition or pain.

    Have you ever felt like the pain would never end? I have. And it is tormenting. But the truth is the pain will go away as you tap into God’s mercy and grace. You can go to His throne NOW and receive the mercy and grace you need to be healed and break out of the confinement of whatever pain you are in. 

Remember, fear is the problem. God’s love is the solution. So one more time, let’s say it: God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of:

  1. POWER! You have power in your words to change your world, power in the seeds to grow the future you desire, and the power to choose God’s wisdom over the      ways of this world.

  2. LOVE! God loves you, my friend, no matter how far you’ve fallen or slipped up. He will never leave you or forsake you—that’s perfect love!

  3. A SOUND MIND! If the devil ever tells you that you’ve lost your mind, tell him, “You’re right! And now I have the mind of Christ!”

You see God’s love is never empty words. His love is always accompanied with gifts. God so loved, that He gave His only Son. Do you see it? Because He loved, He gave. When you realize He loves you perfectly, you’ll realize He also GIVES you whatever you need; and fear is cast out. 

So the secret to being free from fear is KNOWING the THINGS God has ALREADY GIVEN YOU. Amen!

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