King of Kings: An Advent Plan by New Life Church



Our Advent reading begins in John 1, as a reminder that from the very foundations of the world and in all of Scripture, Jesus has been for us. He is the Creator who stepped down from His place in heaven to become like us, so that from the inside out He would conquer our sin and set us free again. We are living in the days that generations of people prayed and hoped for! These are the days the Spirit of the Lord has been poured out into the earth, the days of the Savior who has made a way for humanity to come back into relationship with our Father. 

In the coming weeks, we will reflect on Scripture in both the Old and New Testaments that all point towards the coming of Christ. We will look at prophecy that came to ancient Israel, the months leading up to Jesus’ arrival, and the events surrounding His birth. As we look at the story of Christ’s anticipated arrival, our prayer at New Life Church is that you would remember that Jesus came to be the embodiment of God’s promises for salvation and redemption. All our hopes and prayers are answered in the Person of Jesus, Emmanuel, God with us. 

Prayer: Jesus, we look to You. Show us more of who You are and why You came to us as we study the story of Your arrival.