Casting Doubts Aside

Day 7 of 7 • This day’s reading



Day 7


As we conclude this journey through Scripture, let’s take another look at some key points.

  • Constant doubting can weary the mind and body, and when we turn our focus to God, the Creator of heaven and earth, we find renewed strength to cast our doubts aside. 

  • Everything is possible for those who have faith, even if it’s imperfect faith.

  • No matter what is causing us to doubt, we can be assured that nothing is too difficult for the Lord.

  • God can do what seems too good to be true. We just need to take God at his word.

  • A person who is half-heartedly devoted to God should not expect to receive anything from God. 

  • Remembering God’s goodness and mercy can put the brakes on hopelessness and despair rooted in doubt.

Today we surrender all our doubts to God, recognizing that he can be trusted to fulfil his promises and bring us into a new and brighter day. Surely, this does not mean everything will be smooth sailing from this point onward, but we can shift our expectations and posture to embrace the good and bad with full assurance of God’s presence and faithfulness. 


God, I know my faith is growing but there’s further to go. Help me stay on course, choosing always to cast my doubts aside and trust you fully. 


As in yesterday’s reading, the speaker in this psalm turns his lament into praise when he pauses to remember God’s might and power. 

Psalm 77:9-13


The psalmist Asaph questions God’s care for his people. The struggles his people have endured have caused him to wonder aloud if God has “forgotten to be merciful” (v. 9 GNT) and whether the sovereign One—the one who rules the universe—was still powerful (v. 10). But as he cries out to God, he remembers what God has done and comes into a new awareness of God and his ways. His memories lead to one final question: “What god is great like our God?” (v. 13 ESV). This rhetorical question leads to one answer: “There is none!” 


Do you agree with that answer? If you do, pause now to remember the good deeds God has done in your life and ask him to help you be consistent in faith, trusting his Word wholeheartedly and not doubting. If you are struggling to agree, consider the reasons this might be so. Take them to God in prayer and ask him to help you surrender your doubts and be receptive to his Word.