Casting Doubts Aside

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Day 3


Usually, laughter is a sign of joy or amusement. Some people laugh when they’re nervous. Others do when they find themselves in awkward situations. In today’s reading, laughter is a sign of doubt. Being fully aware that she was well past the age of childbearing, Sarah laughs when she overhears a promise that she would soon have a son. That was hard to believe, especially since she had never become pregnant. The very thought that she could experience her first nature-defying pregnancy was incredible. 


God, sometimes I am convinced that you can do all things, but other times I’m just not sure my situation can change. Help me trust you fully.


The Lord tells Abraham that his wife Sarah will conceive in her old age, and Sarah laughs! 

Genesis 18:10-14


Sarah was not being irrational to doubt that she could conceive a child at the age of 90. Not only was she very old and barren but her husband was also 100 years old! He, too, laughed when God told him he’d father not just a child, but with Sarah he would produce a whole nation! (See Genesis 12:2; 17:15-17.) Despite their doubts, God’s promise to them was fulfilled in the great nation of Israel. 


Call to mind your circumstance or issue that challenges your faith in God—whatever causes you to doubt that God is able to intervene on your behalf. Now imagine God asking you, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” Let your answer be a resounding “No!” Offer a praise to God by turning the question into a statement and say: “Nothing is too difficult for the Lord!”