Casting Doubts Aside

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Day 1


Waiting a long time for an answer to prayer or for something you’ve been working on to finally bear fruit can be quite challenging. These and other circumstances can sow seeds of doubt, causing us to wonder if God sees our trouble or if anything will work in our favor. When the Israelites faced a long season of great trouble and suffering, they too wondered whether a better day would come. Through Isaiah, God’s messenger, they received words of hope that God was near—ready to strengthen them. 


God, please help me know that you are near and that you are working on my behalf, especially when the wait for a brighter day is long. 


In today’s reading, God’s messenger brings words of hope to God’s people. 

Isaiah 40:28-31


Constant doubting can weary the mind and body, depleting all our energy or desire to take another step forward. Isaiah reminds God’s people that the great God who created the stars and knows each star by name is incomparable. There is no limit to God’s wisdom. This God always keeps watch because he “never grows tired or weary” (v. 28 GNT) and he gives renewed energy to those who are tired. 


Picture a night sky filled with stars. Consider the fact that God knows each by name. In his infinite wisdom he surely knows your name, too. Take a moment to ask God to help you trust his wisdom and receive the strength that he is ready to give. If you have a few more moments, listen to the song: “He Knows My Name” by Tasha Cobbs Leonard, featuring Jimi Cravity. The lyrics can be found online. 

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