Everywhere Holy by Kara Lawler


Here, with my people, I’m not expected to do it all “right.” No one here is expected to be anyone or anything other than who they are. If someone expects perfection, we are all learning that such a thing doesn’t exist—not here in this house, not anywhere—and so we calmly gaze at them and get on with the work of being imperfect. 

I am starting to accept who I am now, that world within. I might forget the due date for the kids’ school book order, but I throw a mean Valentine’s Day classroom party (complete with cupid floats!). I’m sometimes late to places, but I’m the mom who watches in awe as snowflakes fall on the eyelashes of my children. I might overthink my relationships at times, but I’m a good friend who tries hard to live up to the friendships I’ve been blessed with. Bedtimes are variable for my kids because I know well the need for a spontaneous dance party to “Get Back” by the Beatles, and I love to dance, even though I’m terrible at it. My jeans are sometimes too tight and I have tried hard to stop obsessing about calories and instead shift my focus to health. It’s not always easy, but in the end, it’s pretty simple: I love chocolate too much to walk away from it. I sometimes say the wrong thing, speak too quickly or without thought, or I misstep in so many other ways, but I’ve learned the value of a heartfelt apology and grace received from my people and from my Maker. And the truth is: I’m loved despite my flaws. 

You’re loved despite your flaws.