Everywhere Holy by Kara Lawler


By learning to breathe, bless, and release, we can give in to the days we’re in. If our decisions are rooted in what’s real in the moment, perhaps that’s how we get closest to the truest versions of ourselves. Sometimes that’s an impossible thing to figure out. But what helped me was to think about what role brings out my truest self for the life I’m currently in. What fosters your strengths? What brings out sides of yourself you aren’t proud of? What allows you to live a life that makes your soul sing? What allows you to serve in the best way? For me, these are the days of mothering, writing, and teaching. I accept it and release what was in order to fully pursue what is right here. And what’s right here is pretty great.

Are you willing to find out where your passion will take you? Are you ready to see where it leads?