ADVANCE: A Revival Devotional

ADVANCE: A Revival Devotional

DAY 2 OF 22


Advance In Identity 

Everything we do comes from a revelation of who we are and to whom we belong. 

In Numbers 13:26-33, when the twelve spies came back from exploring the land the Lord had already promised them, ten chose to focus on their own smallness in the shadow of giants while two stood in the shadow of their God.

Ten chose to continue identifying with the smallness of who they were in Egypt. They chose to compare themselves, to look at their own limitations and to focus on what would be impossible in their own striving, and to continue to live in their slavery mindset rather than accepting their status as the children of God. The Israelite's wandered just out of reach of the promise for forty years!

Caleb and Joshua didn’t put their confidence in their own limits, but rather, they put all of their confidence in the God who had saved them and had promised them that they would be His people. Caleb and Joshua knew that God had loved the Israelite's so much that He lead them out of slavery and into freedom with the promise that He would continue to protect them. (Exodus 15:13; Numbers 14:8-9)

In the New Testament, John writes of the Father’s great love for us! We don’t only belong to God, but we are also called children of God! Paul writes as well that in Christ, we have been adopted as sons and daughters of God and are able to meet with Him personally, as intimately as we would a good father. (Romans 8:15; Ephesians 1:4-6)

Because I am a child of God:

I will overcome any challenge.

I will see God’s promises come to fruition

I will stay faithful in this season. 

I am more than able to advance into the promise because I am a child of God. 

Action Questions: Do you find your identity in your smallness - identifying more with your insecurities and past mistakes - or do you choose to focus on your identity as a child of God? 

Where in your life do you need to change your confession to align with the truth that you are a child of God?

Prayer: Jesus, I love You. Thank you for making a way for me to become a child of God. Lord, I pray that I would come to see myself as You see me and that I would find my confidence and my strength in You. Amen. 

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ADVANCE: A Revival Devotional

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