5 Days To Be Brave

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Your Spot

When God called Moses into ministry it was a sacred, holy moment. The Creator and the created came alarmingly close. Moses was only allowed to stand at a distance. But make no mistake, the encounter happened because the Creator wanted the connection.

You are invited to come close—very close—to your Creator. When you make time to draw near, a holy moment transpires. You are being invited to draw near to the one who can satisfy all your desires and heal your pain. Never feel guilty about carving out time for God—it is the best expense of energy there is.

Jesus, thank you for inviting me into a relationship where I am allowed to come close to you. Your blood has made a way, and I am forever grateful.

Do you have a place that you draw near to God?


This plan was adapted from Be Brave: 365 Daily Devotions. Learn more here: Be Brave Devotional