5 Days To Be Brave

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All Things New

We can’t imagine a king in all of his splendor and richness, full of wealth and abounding in power as Christ was in heaven. We can try our best to picture the most majestic earthly kingdom, and then assume we would multiply that by one million. This is what Christ left when He came to dwell among us. He was born to parents on the move, not owning a home. When His life ended, He didn’t even have any financial means to take care of His mother; he had to entrust her to John. He was the epitome of poor.

He did this to abide with you. Not to hand you a variety of earthly riches, that will rust and fade away, but to pick you up out of your low estate, wash you clean, and hand you a robe of righteousness. You are wealthy in every sense of the word. All that the King has is yours. His promises for provision are abundant.

God, thank you for all the ways you have blessed me richly!

How do you see the richness of Christ in your life today?