5 Days To Be Brave

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Glorious Design

You only need to pause and take a look outside to see God’s glory reflected in every part of nature. Whether a delicate rosebud or full array of stars at night, His beauty and magnificence are evident. Not only do we see His creativity, but His intellect in the design of the interrelationships of the natural world. The way the wind creates the waves, the moon affects the tides, and a bird gathers sticks for its nest, are just a few examples of His remarkable design.

You are a part of this amazing nature as well. He created you as an image bearer, someone who reflects His glory. Be proud of the way He created you! You may not feel perfect, but He designed you with the same beauty as the rest of His creation; you are His handiwork.

Worthy Lord, thank you for all the amazing things you have created around me. Help me to stop and notice your creative design in nature. May I accept that I am beautiful because you have made me according to your will, and your will is perfect.

What can you appreciate about God’s creation today?