7 Days To Open Up Your Life

Day 5 of 7 • This day’s reading


A Two Person Community

One of the tremendous side benefits of being open and accountable is the relationship you get out of it. A good accountability partner is someone who can become woven into the fabric of your life, in the same way you become woven into theirs.

It is, some respects, a picture of the ways the Church Fathers used to practice their version of Christianity: it wasn’t just teaching and hymns; it was also fellowship, praying together, and sharing that most relational of things – a meal.

But that’s what you get when you do accountability right. You don’t just have a person who listens to you, who gets on to you when you sin and who celebrates when you don’t; you get a person who is willing to go deep with you outside the accountability relationship. You build a two-person community.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, I’m so grateful for the gift of community. I recognize how important friendship and deep relationships are, ones that even go outside the normal “accountability relationship,” and I pray You would work in me to build those relationships. Amen.