7 Days To Open Up Your Life

Day 2 of 7 • This day’s reading


An Automatic Place Of Confession

If the Bible is to be believed, we have a problem. Our hearts are deceitful and prone to sin – why else would we be instructed to confess our sins unless we had them? 

Of course this makes sense, but when we understand the deceitfulness of our hearts and the need to confess our sins, we then have a bit of a dilemma: who do we confess those sins to? 

This is the beauty of being in a relationship of accountability with someone: we have an automatic place to confess, and we become an automatic place of confession. Through the accountability relationship, we’re able to put today’s reading into full practice in our lives and start to receive the healing we so desperately crave. 

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I thank You for Your promise of healing through confession. As I confess my sins to another, and as they do the same to me, we pray that You would be present in the midst of our conversations, that You would guide them to the areas where they need to go, and that You would bring Your promised healing. Amen.