7 Days To Open Up Your Life

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It's Not Good To Be Alone

It’s not good to be alone. God says this right at the very beginning – don’t try to do this life on your own. We need other people as we go through this life, people who can help us stay on track, who can encourage us when we need it and who we can encourage when they need it. People to give us advice, to give us joy, to give us correction.

Do you have someone like that in your life? Someone that you can open up to, and who feels the same way about you? Someone who does more than just like the occasional post on Facebook, but instead just likes you? Not a spouse or a boyfriend/girlfriend; just a person, someone much like you, who is committed to holding you accountable and who expects the same from you. Do you? This is the kind of person – or people – we need to have in our lives. If you have someone like that, then cherish them and seek to go even deeper in your openness with them. If not, that’s okay! They’ll come along sooner or later.

Prayer: Lord, I thank You that you designed me to need other people. I believe that You wouldn’t create that need and then withhold meeting it; so I thank You for helping me to become the kind of person that someone else needs. I pray You will give me the strength to get open with someone and to stay that way. Amen.