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Who Do You Say That Jesus Is?

If there is a big difference between reading and seeing, there is an even bigger difference between seeing and experiencing. Knowledge can only take an investigation so far. This became true in my investigation of Jesus and His movement. At a time when I didn’t yet believe in God, I began praying a simple prayer: “God, if you’re there, I want to know you. Jesus, if you are God, then I want to know you and be friends with you. If you’re there, help me believe.”

It was a skeptic’s prayer really, but it was honest. The only way for you or me to actually measure Jesus’s claim to offer peace is to take him up on the offer, crazy as it may seem. If we go to Him with our burdens and our needs, then we can experience for ourselves whether these radical transformations are mere fiction or if they are something more. 

Throughout my process of investigation and consequent faith, God answered my prayer. Over the years, my relationship with Jesus as God has brought me consistent identity, security, purpose, fulfillment, peace, and joy that I never experienced anywhere else in this world. My hope for you is that you experience the same.

As we have seen, believing that Jesus is God is not anti-intellectual. Believing that Jesus is God has the potential to motivate you and strengthen you to live a life that benefits others (as well as yourself). Whatever you choose to believe, know that I will respect you and will work for your best in this world. That is what sincere followers of Jesus do.

My only nudge is that you remain someone who genuinely pursues the truth and who remains open to unexpected findings. They are the most exciting kind of findings in my experience. We touched upon Primary Evidence about Jesus’s life, global influence, and positive impact on humanity. We learned that we do not need faith to accept that Jesus lived. We also do not need faith to accept that specific followers of Jesus contributed to our world to make it a better place.

Where faith gets involved is in believing that this same Jesus is God, believing that He died on the cross and rose again in a mission to rescue all people. And that tiny mustard seed of faith is all you need to call out to Jesus as your Rescuer.

How would you describe your inner life? Is Jesus someone you might consider calling upon—by faith—to help you?

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