[1 John Series] I Was There!


Fellowship with one another

When we have a real relationship with Jesus, then we are going to have a real relationship with others, and we will want to make a difference everywhere we go, and not only with people we know, because we don’t have years to build up every relationship.

There are people who need a word of encouragement or just that you offer them some prayer. You will find them in simple interactions when you go shopping, sit at a restaurant table, watch your kids’ practice, spend some time in a waiting room, or even while waiting in line. You will see what they are going through and seize the opportunity to chat with them or even ask for their permission to pray over them.

God wants to use you. Keep it practical, simple, and natural. Don’t be obnoxious about it and don’t take precious time the person could be using to make another sale or one more customer happy.

Maybe they are not going to pray and receive Christ in that moment. Or they may not make a big deal out of it at all. But you surely can pray, care, and share with strangers, new acquaintances, and people all around you. You will make a difference in that little moment just right there. 

When we share our testimony, people can have fellowship with us. What’s fellowship? Fellowship is a Greek word that means to share something or to connect. That’s why you have a fellowship hall in church where you can share a meal or share life with one another. We long for connection. So we have fellowship with one another and then fellowship with God.

We also need fellowship in our family. We need to plan what we want our fellowship at home to look like. Because if we don’t stop and plan right now, before we know it the year will be over and we will have spent no time with our kids.

Other people will raise our children, and there will be no connection with us as family. Don’t convey the idea that life is what happens outside your home. Get those kids around your table and spend time together as family. Don’t miss these years. Think about it now. Be involved in a ton of stuff. Don’t let your dreams wither or die. But make sure your fellowship is with each other because you’ve got to come back to what this thing’s about.