[1 John Series] I Was There!


Pray. Care. Share.

We humans long to share, talk with people, to be known and to know others. We don’t want an isolated life with nothing to share. We want somebody to call us and share their good and their bad news with us.

If you have a real experience with Jesus, the most natural reaction is to want to talk to others about the one you love. The older generations shared Christ more freely. We have become more silent because today’s culture has become more aggressive. So much so that when we talk to our friends, we combine Jesus with other philosophies or religions because we’re afraid of what people will think or of losing our social status.

It is still biblical to share your faith and tell somebody about Jesus: “I saw it and heard it. Jesus walked on this earth, died, and rose again. He is the way, the truth, and the life.”

The world is hurting like never before. People are so stressed out, burdened, and afraid. And we have Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace. We can share Him with somebody.

A real experience can’t be kept in. You know Jesus is real, so you want to share Him with your friends in a way that’s loving and kind without being obnoxious. How can we make a difference in somebody’s life? 

Pray. This is the first thing you can do for somebody. It can be for a person that you work with, someone you live around in your neighborhood, a friend, or a family member. Begin to pray for that person, “God, I’m praying for my friend and I’m asking that You just use me. Would You do something in his life and speak to him? He needs a real relationship with You.”

Care. What can you do to care for them? How can you encourage them? Bring them cookies. Write them a note. Bring them some balloons. Be with them in the hospital. This way you earn the right to be heard.

Share. Just tell them the wonderful news about Jesus Christ.

What’s the name you have in mind? God has placed you in that neighborhood, in that job, on that ball team, in that band, for a purpose: to be able to reach out and love people. They need people who have had a real encounter with Jesus that love them well and share with them the Prince of Peace.