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Reflecting the Purity of the Holy Spirit

Years ago I was the dinner guest of the president of a well-respected theological seminary. As we conversed, he confided that the number-one problem he faced with the students at his school was pornography. He then told me they had become aware of the problem because the students used the computers in the library that were tucked back behind the stacks of books. In an area they believed to be private, they were indulging their sinful habit, not realizing that what they viewed was traceable.

I’m still stunned by the seminary president’s revelation. But I’ve seen the bitter fruit borne in the lives of pastors, some of whom have multiple academic degrees, some of whom lead megachurches, some of whom may speak in tongues or exhibit other manifestations of the Spirit, and some of whom are gifted orators, yet secretly struggle with sexual immorality or addiction.

What has happened to purity within the lives of those who call themselves by God’s name? Is the lack of purity an indication that the Holy Spirit is withdrawing Himself? Because make no mistake about it, the Holy Spirit is indeed pure. He is holy.

I believe the church today is in desperate need of revival. Not a tent meeting or a series of services to save the lost, but a spiritual awakening that will compel God’s people to repent of our sin, return to the cross, and recommit ourselves to living lives that reflect His purity. 

One of the responsibilities of the Holy Spirit is to make us holy as He is holy. Our responsibility is to cooperate with Him if we truly want to experience and reflect His purity. Choice by choice by choice. When He says something needs to go, get rid of it. Now. When He says a relationship needs to be severed, sever it. When He says we need to offer forgiveness to that person, offer forgiveness to that person. When He says to ask someone else for forgiveness, ask that person for forgiveness. If He says to break that habit, break that habit. Now. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t rationalize. Don’t excuse or defend yourself. Do what He says, when He says it. 

What sin do you need to confess and turn away from—in action or reaction, thought or word, attitude or habit—because it is tarnishing the reflection of the Holy Spirit’s purity in you?