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Enjoying the Presence of the Holy Spirit

I grew up in the mountains of western North Carolina. Most of my memories are filled with warmth, love, and fun that included hiking with my family to the ridge behind the house, enjoying Chinese meals complete with chopsticks, and playing Bible games with my grandparents.

One thing I don’t remember is being taught about the Holy Spirit, even though Jesus was central to my family.

It was not until years later when I was teaching a weekly Bible class that I learned the amazing truth of who the Holy Spirit is. I was twenty-nine years old and doing my best to convey insights into the gospel of John for the five hundred women who sat before me each Wednesday. In hindsight, I was like the blind leading the blind. 

One week I was cramming as usual in preparation to teach John 14 to my class. And there it was! Several thoughts came to me in quick succession as I read John 14:16–17…

…That the Spirit was another counselor.

…That the Spirit was a distinct person from Jesus but just like Him.

…That the Spirit would come from the Father.

…That the Spirit was with the disciples at that time but would be in them at a future time.

The Spirit would be “another” counselor. So who was the first counselor, who would make the Spirit another one? Jesus! The Spirit would be exactly like Jesus yet another distinct person. He would come down from God. Even as Jesus had come down from God in human form, the Spirit would come down from God in spirit form. Jesus clearly identified the Counselor as the Holy Spirit (John 14:26). The disciples already knew Him because Jesus was filled with the Spirit. They were with Jesus; therefore, they were already with the Spirit. But Jesus was announcing that a day would come when they would no longer be with the Spirit because the Spirit would be sent to indwell them.

What an amazing, wonderful discovery that still thrills me! It is more than worthwhile to give the Holy Spirit our attention so we can get to know Him, love Him, and enjoy the presence of the One who is Jesus in me—and in you.

How does it change your view of the day or week ahead to know that Jesus is in you?