I Can Learn The Bible: The Joshua Code For Kids


In the beginning God created the sky and the earth. Genesis 1:1

Your View of the World

Have you ever tried on a pair of glasses that did not belong to you? Things look very different, don’t they? Like looking through different glasses, every person looks at the world in a certain way. We call this a worldview. The way we see our world affects how we live and the choices we make. So what you believe is very important. Some people think the world happened for no reason—it just appeared out of nowhere in one big poof! Others are not sure how it came to be, and don’t really know why they are here. The very first verse in the Bible gives us the correct glasses that fit perfectly, and through which everything looks crystal clear. Let’s answer three important questions about this verse.


“In the beginning . . .” This takes us back to the very beginning—before anything was, the beginning of time! Close your eyes and be as quiet as you can for ten seconds. That’s what it was like in the beginning. It was dark and empty.


Look at the next word in this verse: “In the beginning, God . . .” It was dark and empty, and God was there. He was in the beginning before time even began! Have you ever wondered where He came from, or how He got there? Even though it’s hard to understand, the Bible tells us He was just always there. In the beginning was God.


In the beginning, what did God do? He created the sky and the earth. Wow! So out of darkness and emptiness, He made the whole world! What a wise, creative, amazing God we have.

Dear Jesus, thank You for creating the world we live in. You are so great and You are so amazing. My favorite part of Your creation is . . . . . . . . . . . . .Amen.

Now that you understand this verse, you have a worldview! You know how we got here, and when you see a beautiful sunset, you know who painted it. As you begin memorizing your first verse this week, you are putting God’s Word in your heart and mind. His Word—the Bible—is there for you, and it will never go away.

Say these words out loud:

God’s Word is for me and to me, it is in me and working through me, and just like His love, it goes on and on forever!