I Can Learn The Bible: The Joshua Code For Kids


“For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son. God gave his Son so that whoever believes in him may not be lost, but have eternal life.”
John 3:16

What Is the Gospel?

This week’s verse is the most famous verse in the Bible. It is sometimes called the gospel, or the good
news. God gave His only Son, Jesus, so that those of us who believe in Him could live forever with Him
one day in heaven. Now that is good news!

Why Did God Do This?

The first part of the verse tells us exactly why God gave His Son. “For God loved the world so much . . .” He did it because He loves us! Do you know how deep the ocean is? Do you know how wide it is from the east to the west? (It would be like starting to walk one way and never stopping!) That is how much God loves you. And do you know the best part about His love? It never ends. No matter what you do or where you go, God will never stop loving you. God loves the world so much.

What Did God Do?

The second phrase in this verse tells us what God did. “He gave His only Son.” That means that God has one Son, and He let Him die on a cross—for you and for me, to save us from our sins. You would have to love someone a whole lot to give up your own son, right? And Jesus, God’s Son, chose to follow and obey His Father and died on a cross.

Who Did He Do This For?

The next part of this verse says, “Whoever believes in Him may not be lost, but have eternal life.” That means that if you believe in God, and if you believe that Jesus died for you, God has promised you life forever in heaven! He did this for you.

God loves you so much that He gave His only Son, and if you believe in Him, you will never be lost and you will have eternal life! And that is the gospel.

Dear God, thank You for loving me. Thank You for giving Your only Son for me and for Your promise of heaven. I believe in You! Amen.

Let’s say it together:

God’s Word is for me and to me, it is in me and working through me, and just like His love, it goes on and on forever!