Character Of A Great Leader

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“Great Leaders Value The Name”

Do you know the meaning of your name? Each of our names has its own special meaning, even though many parents today don’t pay much attention to it. Names used to tell so much more about a person.

As leaders and influencers, we may not realize that just the sound of our names will evoke thoughts, memories, and emotions in others. As we go about our daily business, taking care of the bottom line and realigning our organizations, our names keep making a mark on those around us, whether we intend them to or not.

In Proverbs 22, we are told that a “good name is more desirable than great riches.” We are told that to have the esteem of others is so much better than wealth, possessions and positions. But do we lead in such a way that reflects our desire for a “good name”? Or do we place more value on our positions, power over others and building wealth—all the while completely disregarding our names?

Every day, we face a choice. Will we be a genuine, authentic, or will we sacrifice our “good name” to get our own way—achieving results with questionable means that appear to “justify” the end and disregard others in the process?

When tempted by Satan, Jesus also had a choice to make. He could have chosen food, safety and power versus obedience to His Father’s will. You see, choosing to focus on our good names will often require sacrificing an immediate benefit, or so we think. In reality, what we gain in exchange is much more precious in the eyes of God. Long-term, it will prove to be the best leadership decision we’ve ever made.