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Legacy Leadership: Wisdom Of The Apostle Paul

Legacy Leadership: Wisdom Of The Apostle Paul

30 Days

The Apostle Paul was the greatest Christian missionary and theologian who ever lived. He was more responsible than any other individual for the spread of Christianity throughout the Roman Empire. If we accept the spread of Christianity and its enduring impact on civilization as a measure of his effectiveness, then Paul must be recognized as one of the most influential men in history. In this plan we will take a close look at the life and letters of the Apostle Paul. We will see how he was able to lead a legacy that continues to impact the world today - and we will see how each of us can also lead a life that leaves a legacy.

We would like to thank J.Lee Whittington, Ph.D., Professor of Management at the Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business at the University of Dallas, for providng this plan. The content in this plan is based on his book, Biblical Perspectives on Leadership and Organizations (Palgrave Macmilan, 2015)

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