Forgiveness Sets You Free

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How do you forgive? Even though the way might be difficult, the answer is simple: through prayer. 

Forgiveness means you accept the reality of what happened and what is. You are at the edge of moving on and finding a way to live in a different state of mind. 

You can forgive a person or a situation. 

Forgiveness is something all of us are able to do. Remember it is not for the other person but only for yourself.

  • Let go of the feelings of revenge.
  • Let go of the anger.
  • Let go of the resentment.
  • Think of the other person or persons. 
  • Think of the incident. 
  • Accept things and situations for what they are. You can't change them.
  • The important thing is, when you forgive, you should do so with all your heart. You do not need to do it directly. Say the words "I forgive you" and pray for them.
  • Set yourself free with God's help.

As you forgive, you will be forgiven.