Forgiveness Sets You Free

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Anger, rage, resentfulness, or frustration can lead to serious physical and mental problems. Your mind is constantly under stress - even in your sleep. If those emotions are caused by the behavior of others, there is only one way to free yourself: Forgiveness

Otherwise, their actions will hunt you forever. Forgiving is something you do not only do for the sake of the one you're forgiving, but for your own sake as well. It's not easy, BUT it's important for you in order to set yourself free. Don't worry. God's got your back! With His help, you can do anything possible. Ask him for guidance. He will guard and navigate you through the process.

Let's pray: 

Dear God, Heavenly Father, I am grateful for your kindness and that you always watch over us. I come to you with open arms, praying that you will guide me through the difficult process of forgiveness. You are the all-knowing whose Word is full of wisdom. You do exactly what is right. Therefore I humbly ask you:

Give me the strength to face the ones who wronged and harmed me. 

Give me the strength to see their side.

Give me the strength to forgive the ones who sinned against me as you have forgiven us our sins.

I put all my trust in you. You will always be by my side until I'm ready to let go in order to live free and in happiness. 

In Jesus' Name. Amen. 

As you forgive, you will be forgiven.