Forgiveness Sets You Free

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No matter how often someone hurts you - forgive them without limit.

To forgive does NOT mean to forget. You neither have to reconcile with the individual(s) that wronged you, nor do you have to release or pardon them from any accountabilities, even if an action is legally or morally justified. God doesn’t ignore sins  because He is holy and just. However, God forgives. Not because we deserve it, but simply because of His mercy and love. 

He wants you to do the same in order to live your life in the best way possible. Also, He wants you to live it NOW! 

In order to do so and to regain your inner peace, start learning to forgive. Sometimes it will be easy, other times it will be more difficult. If you find yourself in one of those situations, forgive this person over and over again until you are ready to let go. 

As you forgive, you will be forgiven.