Flourish in Your Calling: Exploring God's Ultimate Call


Day 4

Together is Better

We’re not meant to walk alone through life. Being in community while pursuing our calling, both spiritual and practical, creates a place where we know we belong. We have our people we can count on and to whom we can be available when they have a need.

Locking arms with like-minded people makes our journeys that much more achievable and fulfilling. We’re citizens of Heaven, eagerly awaiting Jesus’ return. But until then, we daily choose to rise up, enter in, and live out our calling with passion and purpose.

Our journeys to Jesus and Heaven will be marked by joy, success, hardship, loss, and exhaustion. It can be easy to feel the weight of life and grow weary from discouragement. But when we surround ourselves with friends headed in the same direction as us, we can find encouragement and help along the way. We share our burdens through prayer and speak truth over each other’s lives as needed. Sometimes, we just need to be reminded who we are.

Whose we are, and to go for that finish line! We need each other for that.

Living out our callings requires that we press on, throw off anything that hinders, stay in our lanes, and run hard to the finish! We need the local church; a family to lock arms with as we run this race! Who can you reach out to and encourage today? And if you’re not currently connected to a church, maybe now is the time to plant yourself and build alongside those running in the same direction as you!