Flourish in Your Calling: Exploring God's Ultimate Call

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Day 2

Called to Declare

Think about your unique passions and gifts. As you walk with Jesus and live out the works He created for you to do: teacher, mama, doctor, missionary, artist, etc., these roles should always ultimately point back to Him. He called us out of darkness into marvelous light to declare His praise through the very tangible expression of the work we put our hands to everyday! With our whole lives, we get to give honor and glory to Him.

Living and working for His glory and the good of others requires a posture of humility. This goes against the way the world often encourages us to live: to climb the ladder, make lots of money, have all the nice things, build your personal kingdom. But our kingdom and citizenship is not of this world. We’re called out of that life to an existence where it’s about leveraging our lives for God’s Kingdom and the building up of the Church.

This fully embodies the heart of Jesus – that we would live our lives and pursue our calling for the good of others and the glory of God. Not selfishly or for our own advancement, but with an intentionality to live and serve generously so that others would know Jesus and come alive in Him.

After reading the Scripture from today, choose one verse and commit it to memory. Be on the lookout for how you might leverage your life – your calling – to shine the light and love of Jesus into someone’s world today!